Acetic acid
Alias: Glacial acetic acid; Acetic acid solution; acetic acid 50%; acetic acid, of a concentration of more than 10 per cent, by weight, of acetic acid; Acetic Acid Glacial BP; Natural Acetic Acid; Acetic acid (36%); Acetic acid,food grade; Acetic Acid Glacial; GAA; Acetic Acid, Glacial; Ethanoic acid
CAS RN: 64-19-7
EINECS No.: 200-580-7
Molecular formula: C2H4O2
Molecular weight: 60.05
Appearance and features: colorless transparent liquid with pungent smell
Melting point: 16.635℃
Boiling point: 117.9℃
Relative density: 1.0492
Refractive index: 1.3716
Flashing point: 57℃
Solubility:Mixed soluble in water, alcohol, benzene and diethyl ether, insoluble in carbon dioxide.

Uses: it is used for the production of acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate monomer, acetic acid ester, metal acetate, chloroacetic acid and cellulose acetate; it is also used as analytical reagent, solvent and immersion cleaning agent in the production acetic ether, food flavoring agent and wine flavoring agent.


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