Hydrogen peroxide(35%)
Hydrogen peroxide:Chemical formula:H2O2,Appearance:colorless transparent liquid,is a strong oxidant, for consumption and wound environment, food sterilization.
CAS No.:7722-84-1
EINECS No.:231-765-0
English name:Hydrogen peroxide
Molecular structure:O atoms to sp3 hybrid orbital bonding, molecular polarity of covalent molecules.
H-O-O Bond angle :96'52''
Appearance and property:solvent is colorless transparent liquid,A faint characteristic odor. Pure hydrogen peroxide is light blue, oily liquid.
Main ingredient:Industrial grade 27.5%,35%.Regeant grade: 30%,40%.
Molecular weight:34.02
Melting point(℃):-0.89℃(Anhydrous )
Boiling point(℃):152.1℃(Anhydrous )
Refractive index:1.4067(25℃ )
Relative density(water=1): 1.46(Anhydrous )
Saturated vapor pressure(kPa): 0.13(15.3℃)
Solubility:With water, ethanol or diethyl ether mixed in any proportion.Not soluble in benzene, petroleum ether.
ToxicityLD50(mg/kg ) :Rats subcutaneously 700mg/Kg[4]


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