Nitric acid(98%)
Nitric acid:Molecular formula:HNO3,There is a strong oxidizing, corrosive, inorganic acid ,Nitric acid than sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid small (PKa=-1.3),easily soluble in water,Completely ionized in water,meet light easy decompose.For the manufacture of fertilizers, explosives, nitrate, etc., in organic chemistry, concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid nitration reagent mixture is important.
CAS No.:7697-37-2
EINECS No.:231-714-2
RTECS No.:QU57.75000
Chemical formula:HNO3
Molar mass :63.012 g mol
Density:Pure acid 1.51 g/cm3,68% 1.405g/cm3
Melting point(℃):-42℃
Boiling point(℃):Pure acid :83℃ 68% solvent:120.5℃
Solubility:easy soluble
Pure product is colorless transparent liquid,easily soluble in water,Completely ionized in water,meet light easy decompose.


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