Alias: Methylene chloride; Methane dichloride; Methylene dichloride; narkotil; Plastisolve; R 30; Refrigerant 30; solaesthin; solmethine
CAS RN: 75-09-2
EINECS No.: 200-838-9
Molecular formula: CH2Cl2
Molecular weight: 84.93
Performance and property: colorless transparent liquid with aromatic odor
Melting point(℃): -96.7
Boilng point(℃): 39.8
Relative density(water=1): 1.33
Relative vapour density(atmosphere=1): 2.93
Saturationvapour pressure(kPa: 30.55(10℃)
Heat of combustion(kJ/mol): 604.9
Critical temperature(℃): 237
Critical pressure(MPa): 6.08
Capryl alcohol/moisture numerical value: 1.25
Ignition temperature(℃): 615
Upper explosive limit%(V/V): 19
Lower explosive limit%(V/V): 12
Solubility:Light soluble in water, soluble in alcohol and diethyl ether.
Use:Be used as solvent in resin and plastics industry. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, plastic and photographic film fields.


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